Examination Tips

1. Use your revision time effectively. Prepare a revision time table.

2. When is your energy level the highest. This is the time to tackle the difficult bits.

3. Do not postpone the difficult topics.

4. Attend to routine things like tidying up, at low energy times of the day.

5. Do not just read. Make notes. In fact summarizing and condensing notes focuses your mind.

6. Discuss topics, after having revised them, with your classmates.

7. Use diagrammatic representation where ever possible. You may find this easier to retain.

8. Take a 5 minutes break after every 40 minutes (Certainly after an hour!).

9. Take a longer break after every 3 hours of study.

10. Eat well.

11. Play some game when you find time. This helps you relax.

12. Do your best during the revision.

13. On the examination day, do not worry, even if you feel that you remember nothing! Give it your best shot, you will be able to recall once the questions are in front of you.

14. Answer all questions. Ensure that you plan your time well during the examination.

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